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Company background

1955: Company founded by Jacques Canin originally focused on interior design for hotels and restaurants. Offering turnkey projects, they specialized in the manufacture and installation of furnishings and woodwork.

Various carpentry work and metal shelving projects were completed for drugstores, most of which boast lunch counters.

1960: After becoming a distributor for an American metal shelving company, the company met with various delivery problems. The founder then changed the company’s direction and began specializing in the manufacture of commercial metal shelving. The commercial entity became Vic Store Equipment Inc. and the metal division, Vic Steel Store Fixtures Co.

1966: The two companies merged and took on the name Vic Store Fixtures.

1980: Offices for exclusive agents and sales reps were established in major cities across Canada, creating significant revenue growth.

1987: The addition of important Ontario-based clients led to the construction of a new 36,000 ft² manufacturing facility, bringing the entire company to approximately 100,000 ft².

1990: The next generation took over the reins of Vic Store Fixtures. The Vic Flex line underwent a major overhaul and became Vic Global accessories. A complete product line was offered to hardware stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, mini-marts, etc.

2002: Vic Store Fixtures established revolutionary work improvement practices. Kaïsen, Workflow and 5S were implemented to improve quality and productivity in the wood and metal facilities, and an R&D program was born. A 120,000 ft² was added. Vic Store Fixtures now had two distinct plants, one for wood and the other for steel.

2012 until today: New display and shelving systems have been added to the line of products offered. The company has sharpened its focus on pharmacies and made great efforts to improve the quality of their customer service.

The research & development program was reorganized with R&D better trained personnel. A design service for improving fixture design was put in place. Two robotic welders were added in the plant and development in the American market is constantly evolving.

In addition to always improving their existing products, Vic Store develops around 300 new products every year.

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