Modular units for your pharmaceutical lab



The RxZone2TM modular system is a self-supporting structure adapted to pharmaceutical labs offering private consultations, prescription preparation, storage, sales and transactions. Designed to manage work areas in clearly defined spaces, the structure can be assembled, modified, enlarged and moved.

RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2
RXZone 2

A modular structure adaptable to the growing needs of your business.


Choice of more than 30 different inserts that are easily modifiable. Designed according to your specific work environment.


Tested by pharmacists, recommended by ergonomists and designed by industrial designers. Custom made for user comfort in order to avoid unnecessary movement.


Strong, aluminum structure. All components are easily reconfigurable and can be dismantled or moved to maximize available space.


  • Smooth PVC edging offers more comfortable and resistant surfaces
  • Soft grey laminate reduces light reflection
  • Efficient wiring system with integrated electric panels
  • "Technical wall" available with hanging options
  • Slots allow for cable management and serve as carrying handles
  • Confidentiality panels available in tempered, semi-frosted or clear 10 mm glass
  • Bottom consultation panel resists shock with its painted steel finish
  • Clearance allows for wheel chair access
  • Simple & easy installation restraining system


  • Aluminum handles for displaying displaying 1” written or coloured labels
  • Hanging side panels
  • Decorative finishing strips
  • Aluminum countertops
  • Various storage accessories for the aluminum countertop
  • Steel sliding case system so units can be moved easily
  • Double-depth cabinets for maximal space
  • Drawer and door locks


  • Laboratories
  • Medical clinics
  • Doctors’ & dentists’ offices
  • Emergency or replacement pharmacies
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Hospital laboratories
  • Work tables - institutions
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