Modular, self-supporting commercial counters



FonzioTM counters optimize POS transactions. Designed in steel to be easily rearranged, they are the ideal solution for pharmacies, veterinary clinics, institutions, retail stores, gift shops, hardware stores, etc.

Fonzio commerce détail
Fonzio commerce détail
Fonzio commerce détail
Fonzio commerce détail
Fonzio commerce détail
Fonzion dépanneur
Fonzio commerce détail

Various types of configurations. Adapt to any business environment.


Elevated transaction podium for easy identification.


Wide range of drawers, doors & accessory choices, inclined & reversible metal shelving. Front-facing displays.


Portable service podium to improve counter life-cycle. High load capacity.


  • 22 GA steel construction
  • Moisture resistant
  • Integrated electric wiring management system behind counters
  • Designated zones on sales counter tops
  • Easy to change counters
  • Integrated decorative or marketing displays


  • Melamine color accents
  • Drawer with unique lock
  • Stratified or stainless countertop finish
  • Doors, drawers, shelves & display panels
  • Storage section varying from 24, 30, 36 or 48 inches wide by 30 inches deep
  • End panels


  • Pharmacies
  • Medical or veterinary clinics
  • Institutions
  • Mid-to-large scale retail stores
  • Gift shops
  • Hardware stores
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