No matter the field, you will find the perfect fit for your specific needs with the solutions offered by Vic Store Fixtures.



Furniture created with pharmacists, for pharmacists

Since our foundation, we have designed and developed several product lines to furnish shops, from laboratories to displays. Our main ranges: RxZone, Tribecca, Space and VicGlobal. Each of these ranges has the characteristic of being customizable and modular. For more than 15 years, our RxZone pharmacy system, known for its avant-garde look, has proven itself to health care professionals and large pharmacy chains.

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Your clinic: Functional and evolutionary

When you choose Tribecca fittings, you can harmonize your clinic’s different zones as well as display a professional look and design.

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Retail business

65 years of experience in the retail business

Do you have an idea in mind? We will offer you a solution adapted to your specific needs for any type of business. We will listen to your ideas, and our advisors will guide you towards the products that will meet your needs or towards the development of a customized solution.

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Alcoholic beverages

Partner of choice, across Canada

Furniture for alcoholic beverage retailers is one of our great strengths. We now have many years of experience with the largest chains. We work together with them in the development of concepts and accompany them in their evolution, especially in the case of those who have moved into the sale of cannabis.

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Be part of the cannabis retail innovation

To its credit, our team already has a few cannabis shop furniture projects. We have developed solutions that meet the needs of this new market, which will be adaptable as it evolves.

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Our strength: Bringing creative ideas to life

We like to team up with design and architecture firms to conceptualize their ideas and assess the feasibility of the most ambitious projects. Our engineering team of designers, draftsmen and industrial designers has many years of experience in the development of custom projects.

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It is not always easy to stand out from the competition and offer solutions that go beyond our customers' expectations for in-store displays. However, Vic Store Fixtures’ experienced, dedicated and customer-oriented team has made our experience easier and more enjoyable. The creativity of this team and the efficiency of their service have taken us out of our comfort zone and allowed us to offer our customers a unique concept that is totally different from what we usually see in our market. Thank you for the excellent work!